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"Cutting Remarks"

The quarterly newsletter for card modellers

Published by Marcle Models and read in 40 countries worldwide.

Future issues of "Cutting Remarks" will sent on request free of charge by email.

A hard copy, inkjet version is also available on annual subscription for £4 UK, £10 overseas.

Back issues are available for £1 UK, £2.50 overseas each.


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The following back issues of "Cutting Remarks" are currently available:

No. 1 Dec. 1991 - Birdmobile Merlin, GELI A-10 Thunderbolt, an Old German Town and a free U-12 "Flamingo" model.

No. 2 March 1992 - Wilhelmshaven Spitfire and cruiser "Karlsruhe", Stephenson's "Adler" and the special edition "Graf Zeppelin" aircraft carrier. (Issue available as inkjet-printed copy only).

No. 3 June 1992 - PWR Nuclear Power Station, "Paper Ships" Exhibition, Performing Seals and Some Thoughts on Card Modelling.

No. 4 September 1992 - SD14 General Cargo Ship, Paper Lorries from Czechoslovakia, Blue Swallow aircraft, wordsearch and advice for beginners.

No 5 December 1992 - Villa "El Capricho", GELI tips, Polish card models and Ideas for Christmas.

No. 6 March 1993 - Schreiber Ju 52/3 (Foil), Pascaline Eiffel Tower and the JSC H.M.S. Dreadnought.

No. 7 June 1993 - Schreiber Mercedes SSKL, GELI Ju 88 and a free JSC Curtiss Seagull model.

No. 8 September 1993 - The Romance of Sail, Schloss Linderhof and Photography Tips.

No. 9 December 1993 - Jules Verne's Nautilus, GELI Comments, Christmas gift suggestions.

No. 10 March 1994 - JSC SMS König, Schreiber Junkers Ju G38, Inside the SD14.

No. 11 June 1994 - Schreiber Handley Page H.P. 42 "Heracles", Barty's Models, FlyModel Avro Lancaster, JSC Models.

No. 12 September 1994 - Hydro-Electric Power Station, FlyModel Swordfish and GELI DC-3, Micromodels History Part 1.

No. 13 December 1994 - "Christmas Crackers", Micromodels History Part 2, GELI English Electric Lightning. (Issue available as inkjet-printed copy only).

No. 14 March 1995 - Wilhelmshaven Bismarck, Micromodels History Part 3, Old Irish Village.

No. 15 June 1995 - "Emergency - Which Service?", "A Life on the Ocean Wave" and a free JSC Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk model.

No. 16 September 1995 - Estates Theatre, Prague, PMI Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat, Starting Off (tips for beginners).

No. 17 December 1995 -Siemens Schuckert Tram, HMS Norfolk, Advanced Modelling Tips.

No. 18 March 1996 - SMS Scharnhorst, PMI Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless, Albrecht Dürer's House.

No. 19 June 1996 - "Soaring Spires", Citroen H Van, "Rooful Expressions".

No. 20 September 1996 - Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a, Birdmobiles and free JSC Messerschmitt Bf 109 and Junkers Ju87 models.

No. 21 December 1996 - "Getting Up Steam", Brandenburg Gate, Applying Color to Card Models.

No. 22 March 1997 - "The New York Run", "Glazed Expressions" and Micromodel Updates.

No. 23 June 1997 - Gloster Meteor by FlyModel, Danubian Monitor Temes/Bodrog from Wilhelmshaven.

No. 24 September 1997 - "Up, Up And Away......", Tips on Glazing and Enlarging and a free JSC model of a lorry.

No. 25 December 1997 - HMS Lion by JSC, A Tale of Two Aircraft and Polish for Card Modellers.

No. 26 March 1998 - Twentieth Century Blocks, Everybody's Underground and JSC's HMS King George V.

No. 27 June 1998 - Sports Cards, A Tale of Three Liners and PMI's Bell P39-M Airacobra.

No. 28 September 1998 - My Trip to Poland and the FlyModel Bristol Beaufighter.

No. 29 December 1998 - RENFE 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive from Martinez Casalta, "Why Paper", More Polish for Card Modellers, Handy Hints and Wrinkles.

No. 30 March 1999 - Stealth Frigate "Sea Wraith" from JSC, More Polish for Card Modellers - part 2 and Willys Jeep and Studebacker US-6 free models.

No. 31 June 1999 - P-51D "Lil' Margaret" from JSC, Ship Building and M3A1 Halftrack free model.

No. 32 September 1999 - Easy BC review of model subjects from the Ancient World, Strictly for the Birds, Model Roundup from the WW2 Eastern Front and Sherman Tank free model.

No. 33 December 1999 - The Titanic and Her Sisters, HMS Myrmidon, Model Roundup on Public Transport.

No 34 March 2000 - Praga UV Trial, JSC Normandie, Tips for Beginners, Model Roundup on Sailing Ships.

No. 35 June 2000 - From Fantasy To Reality : Space Travel, Two Wilhelmshaven Kits : Two U-boats & the Destroyer Hamburg, Model Roundup on Helicopters.

No. 36 September 2000 - Short Sunderland from FlyModel, SMS Panther from Hamburg Models, Model Round-up on Pre-dreadnought Warships.

No. 37 December 2000 - St. Peter's Rome by Schreiber, African Advemnture with the L 59, Model Round-up on Lorries and Other Commercial Vehicles and free 1:400 scale model of German WW1 A7V Tank.

No. 38 March 2001 - CAS Tatra 815 4x4 Fire Engine, A Dozen Rules I Have Learned the Hard Way, Model Roundup on Railways and Railway Buildings and free 1:400 scale model of a Mk. I Tank.

No. 39 June 2001 - Greetings from Bremerhaven, ZR-3 USS Los Angeles from Papmobil, Model Roundup on Animals and free 1:400 scale model of a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter.

No. 40 September 2001 - Paper Pipe Organ, HMS Penelope from JSC and Model Roundup on Flying Boats and Seaplanes.

No. 41 December 2001 - Launching of the MV Ferndale, US Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien and Model Roundup on Pre-19th. C. Sailing Ships.

No. 42 March 2002 - Sink the Bismarck, US Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien - part 2 and Model Roundup on Racing and Sports Vehicles.

No. 43 June 2002 - Republic Thunderbolt from JSC, Circle Cutting, Ever Decreasing Circles and Model Roundup on Rockets.

No. 44 September 2002 - Prague in April, Consolidated Vultee PBY-5 Catalina by WIR, Wawel Castle by GPM, Liquidity and Model Roundup on Royal Navy Ships in WW2.

No. 45 December 2002 - Polished Modelling, Confessions of a Modelmaker Part 1 and Model Roundup on Steam Locomotives.

No. 46 March 2003 - Micromodel Tower of London, Modelling for Cranks, Confessions of a Modelmaker - Part 2 and Model Roundup on Submarines.

No. 47 June 2003 - Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina kit to build - scale 1:400, Modelik Vickers Vimy, Getting Stuck In and Model Roundup on The Ancient World (II).

No. 48 September 2003 - Polish Puffers, Banding Together, Cereal Modeller and Model Roundup on Japanese WW2 Aircraft.

No. 49 December 2003 - HMS Invincible from JSC, Card to the Rescue and Model Roundup on Ocean Liners.

No. 50 March 2004 - The "Cutting Remarks" Story, Shaping Up and Model Roundup on Industrial Architecture (II).

No. 51 June 2004 - De Havilland DH 89 Dragon Rapide from Schreiber, Card Meets Plastic (HMS Norfolk - JSC), Cereal Modeller Part II and Model Roundup on Ecclesiastical Architecture

No. 52 September 2004 - A Czechered History, Ten Tips and Model Roundup on Gliders (Issue available as photocopy only).

No. 53 December 2004 - QM2 by JSC, P-51 Mustang by Maly Modelarz , Me Bf109Z by EMA2000, Rough Edges and Smooth Joins and Model Roundup on Railway Buildings

No. 54 March 2005 - Card Modelling (Basic & Advanced Techniques) by Alvar Hansen, Polish Locomotives, The Clock Tower in Graz, QM2 Notes and Model Roundup on Japanese Warships


No. 55 June 2005 - Micromodel L.S.1 Railway Lineside Features, Starting Kits and Model Roundup on Italy in WW2.

No. 56 September 2005 - Going.... Going....Nearly Gone!, To Cut Or Not To Cut.., Here And There, Polishing Your Kit and Model Roundup on Emergency Vehicles.

No. 57 December 2005 - 'Mighty Mo' - USS Missouri from GPM, Cutting Corners, Railway Cuttings and Model Roundup on WW1 Aircraft.

No. 58 March 2006 - 'Gasbags' - Airship Review, 'Benighted Sub, Benighted Kit, Surcouf' and Model Roundup on Ferries.

No. 59 June 2006 - Blohm & Voss Bv138 kit by JSC, Kits from Germany and Model Roundup on British and US Military Vehicles.

No. 60 September 2006 - Prague Castle by Betexa, Part 1 of Blohm & Voss Bv238 kit by JSC and Model Roundup on Sailing Ships.

No. 61 December 2006 - JSC and the Shipyards, Part 2 of Blohm & Voss Bv238 kit by JSC and Model Roundup on Buildings I Have Seen.

No.62 March 2007 - The Polish Shipyard, "Capture the Castle" Wordsearch and Model Roundup on Starting Modelling in Card.

No. 63 June 2007 - SD14 The Silver Jubilee, Hrad Kost from Betexa and Model Roundup on Seaplanes and Flying Boats


No. 64 September 2007 - HO Dioramas, Tubes, Tiles & Solders, and Model Roundup on the US Navy.

No. 65 December 2007 - HMS Renown by JSC, Setting the Wheels in Motion, An Alternative Method of Hull Construction and Model Roundup on Passenger Road Vehicles

No. 66 March 2008 - Osprey by Birdmobile, Building Betexa's Peterbilt 377 A/E Cab, Card Models on Show and Normandie.

No. 67 June 2008 - Tower Bridge by Schreiber, The Last of the Battlecruiser and Gallery (No.1 Wilhelmshaven merchant ships)

No. 68 September 2008 - Another Visit to Poland, Converting USS Helena to the General Belgrano and Gallery (No. 2 Wilhelmshaven merchant and war-ships)

No. 69 December 2008 - HMS Medusa kit by JSC, Modelik's Od2 (P4.2) 4-4-0 Prussian/Polish tank locomotive and Gallery No. 3 (Wilhelmshaven aircraft)

No. 70 March 2009 - Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXc by WIR/KEL, HMS Medusa kit by JSC Part 2 and Gallery No. 4 (JSC ships, scale 1:400)

No. 71 June 2009 - Shakespeare's Globe Theatre by Micromodels, Ships' Frameworks, Glues and Tools and Gallery No. 5 (WIR/KEL aircraft, scale 1:50)

No. 72 September 2009 - H.M. Bark Endeavour by Shipyard, Converting the Wilhelmshaven Bristol Sycamore, Down at the Docks and Gallery No. 6 ( more WIR/KEL aircraft, scale 1:50)

No. 73 December 2009 - There's No Place Like Rome, Method for Formimg Dome Shapes and Gallery No. 7 ( yet more WIR/KEL aircraft, scale 1:50)

No. 74 March 2010 - New Zealand and kit of a 1:200 scale Three Pounder Hotchkiss Gun

No. 75 June 2010 - Hohenschwangua Castle by Schreiber, A Question of Colour, Small Ad - Large Lanc.

No. 76 September 2010 - Catching the Bus, Easy Guide to Using Glue from a Tube, ebay Listings.

No. 77 December 2010 - Return to Childhood, Keeping Your End Up, Making Fuselage Formers - I, Easy Guide to Using Glue from a Tube - II.

No. 78 March 2011 - Titanic, Shipshape, Making Fuselage Formers - II, Card Modelling on the Net.

No. 79 June 2011 - Journey Into Space, Christchurch, Making Fuselage Formers - III, Chris Craft.

No 80 September 2011 - Maly Modelarz, Jacque Cousteau's La Calypso.

No. 81 December 2011 - HMNZS Achillles, Collected Tips and Card Modelling in Birkenhead Park.

No. 82 March 2012 - There's No Place Like Rome, Micromodel Locomotives, Show Time.

No. 83 June 2012 - Matsue Castle, Show Time - 2, Micromodel Locomotives II.

No. 84 September/December 2012 - Laser-cut sets, Festival of Britain Emett Railway, Micromodel Locomotives III.

No 85 March 2013 - WW2 RN Cruisers in Card, Up, Up and Away, Micromodel Locomotives IV

No. 86 June 2013 - Size Matters, Tirpitz, Rigged Constructions, Micromodel Locomotives V

No. 87 September 2013 - A Walk in the Moseltal, Prettier Than Plastic, The Hamburg Harbour, Micromodel Locomotives VI, Captain G.B. Robinson R.I.P.

No. 88 December 2013 - Arc de Triomphe, Rams, Micromodel Locomotives VII.

No. 89 March 2014 - British Forces in World War I, Micromodel Locomotives VIII, A Dozen Rules I've Learned The Hard Way, KEL Boeing-Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (N2S)

No. 90 June 2014 - Chocim Castle, Hanseatic Cog, It's Showtime Again, New Kits from Extra Short Cuts No. 89

No. 91 September 2014 - World War I : The Imperial German Navy, Going To The Edge and The Old Czech Crib.

No. 92 December 2014 - Fiddlers Four, Orzel submarine kit by JSC, Ben Hurdle's Paper Pipe Organ, John Wilkin's Micromodel Locomotives IX.

No. 93 March 2015 - The Land of the Pharaohs, The Art of Transporting Paper Models is in the Pieces, John Wilkin's Micromodel Locomotives X.

No. 94 June 2015 -The First World War : German Air Forces, Tip for the Tip, John Wilkin's Micromodel Locomotives XI

No. 95 September 2015 - Micromodels "Your workshop in a Cigar Box", Starting : Merlin by Birdmobile, The Art of Transporting Paper Models is in the Pieces Part 2.

No. 96 December 2015 - Birds of a Feather, My First Card Model - Roncalli Circus Wagon, Down the Tube, Blowing Up Micromodels.

No. 97 March 2016 - Cataloguing Marcle Models, To enlarge or reduce scale, Magnification, Two Tips, John Wilkin's Micromodel Locomotives XI (again!)

No. 98 June 2016 - HMS Good Hope, Celebrations, Card Modelling - Basic and Advanced Techniques, John Wilkin's Micromodel Locomotives XII

No. 99 December 2016 - Easy Architecture, Rivet Pressing.

No. 100 March 2017 - Ton Up - The Best Sellers, A Walk Through the World of Paper Models I

No. 101 June 2017 - Taj Mahal, A Walk Through the World of Paper Models II, JohnWilkin's Micromodel Locomotives XIII, Window Dressing

No. 102 September 2017 - The Spitfire, Catch-up Corner, John Wilkin's Micromodel locomotives XIV

No. 103 December 2017 - SD14, Airships, Model Display, John Wilkin's Micromodel locomotives XV

No. 104 Spring 2018 - Big Ben, With reference To.., John Wilkin's Micromodel locomotives XVI

No. 105 December 2018 - The Carrier in the World Wars, Taking a Bath, John Wilkin's Modelcraft Vehicles I, To Enlarge or Not to Enlarge

No. 106 March 2019 - HMS Malaya, Spanning with a Spanner, Bob's Card Aircraft, The Whole is not the Sum of the Parts, On Commission, John Wilkin's Modelcraft Vehicles II

No. 107 June 2019 - Vespa PK 50, Magirus-Deutz TLF 16 Fire Engine, Fly a Spitfire, John Wilkin's Modelcraft Vehicles III

No. 108 December 2019 - Aircraft from D-Day and the Normandy Campaign, John Wilkin's Vehicles IV, Micromodel ARC XIV Old London Bridge, The Death of a Dreadnought.

No. 109 March 2020 - The Parthenon, John Wilkin's Locomotives XVII, The Background Story - RMS Mauretania & RMS Queen Mary.

No. 110 June 2020 - The Green Goddess : RMS Caronia, Interview with a Card Modeller, John Wilkin's Locomotives XVIII.

No. 111 September 2020 - Best Sellers, Build the Survivor - Bravo November, John Wilkin's Locomotives XIX, Recycling Tips, Polish the Polish.

No. 112 March 2021 - Operation Husky, John Wilkin's Locomotives XX, Build the Survivor - Bravo November - Update.

No. 113 June 2021 - Harbour Town, 4-4-0 Locomotive Jupiter, Operation Husky.

No. 114 December 2021 - Happy Birthday, JSC!, Model Posers, SMS Derfflinger, 88mm Flak 18. Cup Winners At Last.

No. 115 March 2022 - HMS Suffolk, Three Words.

No. 116 September 2022 - Another Bismarck, Diana Cooke, Factory Focus - I : Jelcz, Three Words - II.

No. 117 March 2023 - Cochem Castle, Boxing Clever, Factory Focus II - Fiat.


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Future issues of "Cutting Remarks" will sent on request free of charge by email.

A hard copy, inkjet version is also available on annual subscription for £4 UK, £10 overseas.

Back issues are available for £1 UK, £2.50 overseas each.


Cutting Remarks - Special Offer 1

5 copies of Cutting Remarks - £3.75 UK (overseas Europe £7.50, ROW £9) inc. P&P.


Cutting Remarks - Special Offer 2

10 copies of Cutting Remarks - £6 UK (overseas Europe £9, ROW £15) inc. P&P.



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