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ARC XXII St. Peter's & Vatican £7.00
ARC XXIII White House £7.00
ARC XXIV U.S. Capitol £7.00
M III Tank Engines & Goods Wagons N/A
HM II GWR Broad Gauge & KGV £9.00
PG VII GWR Great Bear, Duke class and MR 4-4-0 Compound £3.00
L.S. 1 Lineside Features £7.00
H 1 Early Locomotives £7.00
ARC XIX Houses of Parliament £10.00
PG 9 Olton Hall £14.95
F-III Burlington Zephyr & Huntington locomotives £14.95
PG6 3 Locomotives £14.95
TR-2 Three Trams £14.95
S-VII Robert Fulton's Clermont £10.95
S-XVII Cheops Sun Boat £10.95
S-XXI Battle of Hampton Roads £10.95
S-XXII Turtle £10.95
IXX USS Arizona £10.95
S-XXIIIA Fulton's Nautilus £10.95
AV-6 2 PBY Catalinas £13.95
AV-7 B-17 & Me163 £14.95
SP-I 4 Little Space Ships £12.95
ARC VI Bridgegate £13.95
ARC XI Temple Bar £13.95
ARC XII (USA) Old Ludgate £13.95
ARC XIII(USA) Globe Theatre £13.95
ARC XXV Maori Meeting House £13.95
ARC XXIX Caernarfon Castle £13.95
ARC XXX UN Building £14.95
ARC XXXIV Stonehenge £10.95
ARCXXVI Maori Village £11.95
ARC XXXV Telephone Boxes £13.95
ARC XXXI Captain Cook's Cottage £11.95


We also have the following original Micromodels, although stocks are limited (in many cases, very much so). 
Orders will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis. When ordering, please state alternatives if possible.

ARC XXI B	Hampton Court (set B  - The Great Hall etc.)	£10
ARC XXI C	Hampton Court (set C - State Apartments & Fountain Court)	£7


*** Micromodel Reprints ***
We are now able to supply from an inkjet printer and on white card reprints of virtually any Micromodel or Modelcard kit, 
either complete sets or individual cards, at £1 per card for standard cards. 

A full list of Micromodel and Modelcraft reprints will be sent on request.
If you want something which we haven't got in stock, let us know and we will add it to our No-Obligation Wants List.

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