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New and Reprinted Models Now Available

We now have the following models - some new, some reprinted, some forgotten when I designed the catalogue ( :-$ !) - in stock and not contained in our catalogue.

All kits have English instructions and/or good construction diagrams.

Unless otherwise stated, prices include UK P&P; overseas surcharge per order Europe £6, ROW £10.




Hamburg - scale 1:250, waterline


USS England, Buckley-class destroyer £38.95

Laser-cut Parts for USS England £46.95

Waratah, Australian 1902 steamship, now preserved in Sydney £15.95

Laser-cut Parts for Waratah £20.95

40-ton Tower Crane, typical tower crane from the 1920s, such as would be found in the Hamburg shipyard of Blohm & Voss, the builders of the Bismarck £19.95

Laser-cut Parts for the 40-ton Tower Crane £38.95

Marker Buoys 1, assorted marine marker buoys in accordance with the 1982 IALA agreement for Region A - 56 full-hull buoy models and 93 waterline models, together with a length of dockside on which to display the former £22.95

Laser-cut Parts for Marker Buoys 1 £31.95

JSC - scale 1:400, waterline


SD14 - Imme Oldendorff, kit builds either of five different vessels and includes laser-cut hull parts £27.95

Laser-cut details for SD14 £14.95

Titanic/Olympic, parts for building a model of either ship £30.95

Laser-cut Hull Parts for Titanic/Olympic £11.95

Laser-cut Details for Titanic/Olympic £17.95

SS Californian £18.95

Laser-cut Details for Californian £11.95




Modelarstwo Kartonowe - scale 1:200, full hull

USS Monitor £16.95

Laser-cut hull parts for USS Monitor £9.95


LSNS Governor Moore, US Civil War gunboat, converted side-wheeler in the Louisiana Navy £21.95

CSS Stonewall, US Civil War Confederate warship £21.95


Answer - scale 1:200, full hull

HMS Abdiel, WW2 minelayer £35.95



GPM - scale 1:100, full hull

Merchant ship Pilica £45.95


GPM - scale 1:200, full hull





USS Hornet (CV-8) £119.95
Laser-cut hull parts £41.95

Laser-cut details and railings £79.95

*** Special Offer ***

USS Hornet (CV-8), kit and both sets of laser-cut parts £209.95


PaperModelling - scale 1:100, full hull

Navena, Fleetwood trawler £45.95

PaperModelling - scale 1:200, full hull

Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flagship £45.95


HMS Captain, 1870 ironclad £45.95


HMS Mordaunt, 1681 English frigate £45.95




Modelik - scale 1:200, full hull

Dupuy de Lome, 1890 French cruiser £26.95

Metal gun barrels for Dupuy de Lome £13.95


Duilio, 1876 Italian ironclad £28.95

Laser-cut parts for Duilio £14.95


Maly Modelarz - scale 1:300, full hull

HMS Hood £25.95


Bismarck £24.95




And the following other kits which we have in stock but which are not mentioned in our current catalogue (click the category):










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