HMS King George V - JSC, 1:400 scale, published by JSC Models, not currently available

This was my first experience from the JSC range of kits. Having built some Wilhelmshaven ships some years ago and found these kits very good, I was curious to find out how JSC stood in comparison. After a bit of confusion regarding the somewhat awkward construction of the hull structure, the JSC turned out to be a really pleasant experience.
The assembly went on very smoothly thanks to the English instructions (my Polish unfortunately is non-existent) and the sparse but instructive illustrations. I found the precision of the design very good and the parts fitted together very nicely.
I built the kit almost directly "from the box" except for a few details. The packs of styrene rod and tube from your accessory stock came in very handy. I used styrene rods for small cylinder details, gun barrels and masts. Styrene tubes were used for the main artillery gun barrels, with conical cylinders from paper added for thickness at the turret end. The second artillery pieces proved a bit more difficult to put together out of the originally two part design so these were cut out in smaller details to make it possible to glue them together in steps.

The kit comes with two Vickers-Supermarine Walrus aircraft launched from catapults. The parts that make up the aircraft are very tiny but were surprisingly easy to put together. Again, I used tiny styrene rods for the struts between the upper and lower wings.
The most difficult part of the whole building project turned out to be the "rigging" (radio antennae etc.) I tried thin copper and stainless steel wire but couldn't get that acceptably straight. I remade the whole thing using cotton thread, remade it once again using cotton combined with stainless steel wire for the wires over the fore funnel. I decided to leave it at that, although I probably should have redone it again since the rigging shows pretty well on the finished model, perhaps taking advantage of some tips and tricks from other builders.
All in all though, I'm pretty pleased with the finished model.

Bo Magnusson

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